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Integrated solutions to power high-quality evidence generation

Researcher using biomedical research platform and data workbench


Putting data to work through a secure, scalable analytics platform

Advance your precision biomedical research and accelerate scientific breakthroughs by utilizing collaborative workspaces with compliance control.

Select features:

  • Cross-analyze your internal data against a multi-modal external data ecosystem to uncover new insights.
  • Connect stakeholders and partners, and integrate domain-specific analytic tools to easily build and share best practices.
  • Enable data governance with features to control access, enforce policies and monitor data lineage.
  • Build on collective progress by tapping into a growing network of data sources.
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Together with Verily, we are continuing to apply novel solutions to increase the pace of studies and collect higher quality, more comprehensive data. We’re creating trials that are more efficient, patient-centered and represent the people who will use the treatments.
John Kraus, MD, PhD Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Executive VP and CMO
Mock up of treatment details for a study participant within Site CTMS, advanced clinical trial management system


Streamlining site workflows with an advanced clinical trial management system

Alleviate research gridlock for your enterprise study sites through advanced, intuitive CTMS features that support the ease, efficiency and quality of research. This includes proprietary CTMS technology that configures PDF protocols into digitized workflows to free up your teams and power operations.

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Collage of ways to capture prospective clinical data over time, like medical devices

Longitudinal, Participant-Centric Registries

Enriching clinical research through novel, prospective registry models

Accelerate evidence generation with novel registry designs to create longitudinal, high-quality datasets for research. Leverage our industry compliant software suite, analytics, and participant-centric digital tools that combines multimodal real-world data with prospectively collected data to address multiple research questions across therapeutic areas.

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