We are at the convergence of healthcare, data science and technology - building integrated solutions to improve human health.

We've designed the Baseline evidence generation platform to accelerate scientific discovery.

See how Verily’s evidence generation platform, Baseline, is accelerating clinical research through better clinical trial execution, better data aggregation and analysis, and more for Sites, Sponsors, and Participants.

baseline by verily

We've created the next generation of condition management.

Using predictive analytics and novel sensing devices, Onduo’s virtual care model combines a mobile app, coaching, devices, and integrated telemedicine with physicians. As part of Care solutions within Verily, Onduo’s personalized care approach supports Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, hypertension, healthy weight and pre-Diabetes, and mental and behavioral health.

what we do best

Verily was founded at the convergence of healthcare, data science, and technology - building integrated solutions to improve health.


Our research solutions include products and initiatives to increase participation in clinical research and support evidence generation - to accelerate new medicines, devices, digital tools and care delivery.


Our care solutions are designed to radically improve healthcare with better health outcomes for patients at lower costs. We integrate software, hardware and clinical expertise to best serve patients, health systems, hospitals, employers and more.


We build tools and technology to support rapid innovation across healthcare and life sciences. This includes our next-generation medical devices, lab-based computational tools and nanoparticle platform.