Retinal service camera and retina scan

The retinal camera

Advanced, easy-to-use technology

Our lightweight and portable camera is built with advanced lighting and stabilization technology, making it easy for clinicians to use. It also requires no dilation of the eye in most cases, which improves the experience for patients as well.

  • User self-alignment

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Automatic image capture

  • Typically, no eye dilation necessary

  • Illumination optimization for high image quality

  • Wireless, encrypted upload for teleretinal grading

Doctor sitting next to Verily Retina Camera

The integrated platform

Connected, HIPAA-enabled software

Our software seamlessly integrates retinal health screenings into existing workflows, helping providers easily connect the service to patients that need it the most

  • EHR order to camera sync

  • HIPAA-enabled image transfer

  • Automatic patient image association

  • Results sent directly to patient EHR

  • Supports quality monitoring, e.g., HEDIS


Plus, we offer multiple Verily Numetric Retinal Service configurations to meet our customers’ various technical needs.

Enabling screening access

Patient placing their head onto the Verily Retinal Camera for screening

Closing gaps in care

Doing the right thing for eye health is also the easy thing

We're committed to overcoming low healthcare utilization and health inequities by innovating solutions for those who need them most, and by making it easier for providers to uphold higher standards of care for more patients.

Through Retinal Service, we’re expanding easy access to a third-party, commercially available retinal grader that enables high-quality retinal health screenings in convenient locations, like primary care settings.

By closing these care gaps, we can help improve outcomes, enabling specialty eye health services for patients without seeing an eye specialist in person.

Screening with simplicity

Four steps to easier eye screening

Create an order within your screening-integrated system, just like your staff would for labs. The order automatically populates within the Verily cloud.
Dashboard depicting a patient ready for screening

Providing holistic value

A stronger continuum of care

By overcoming barriers to care, supporting outcomes and increasing screening numbers, you may support better quality metrics, such as HEDIS and Star ratings.
Quality and outcomes

Nearly all diabetes-related vision loss is preventable with early detection and treatment strategies.1

Only 60% of people have their annual, recommended retinal screening.2


Individuals who manage diabetes through their primary care provider (PCP)3


Individuals who approve of retinal screening at their PCP, yet 14% have had such screenings4

0 min

To conduct actual screening for most patients via Verily Numetric Retinal Service5


1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Keep an Eye on Your Vision Health. Updated October 1, 2020. Accessed September 21, 2021.


3. Endocrine Society Endocrine Clinical Workforce: Supply and Demand Projections. Available from Endocrine Society. Accessed 11 August 2022.

4. Verily survey of n=694 people with type 1 (5+ years since diagnosis), type 2, or type 1.5 LADA diabetes. 2022. Verily Life Sciences LLC.

5. Estimated screening time per data on file per internal, Verily Retinal Service testing and external real-world data from our client sites

EHR = electronic health record; HEDIS = Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set; HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act