Verily Onduo

Virtual care management

Verily Onduo is a virtual care management solution for people living with type 1 or 2 diabetes and hypertension. Plus, we offer a solution for pre-diabetes and weight management support through our partnership with Good Measures®.

We offer tailored approaches via the app and care team by analyzing holistic data – self-reported, device, and payor-provided – to help members manage their conditions over time.  Image: Examples of Onduo member journeys. Persons pictured are not actual Onduo members.
Examples of Onduo member journeys. Persons pictured are not actual Onduo members.
2.4% A1C decrease (avg. high risk patients) and 1.6% A1C decrease (overall avg.)

Evidence-based outcomes

When holistic data analysis meets human-centric care, more people can realize better health outcomes.

A peer-reviewed, 4-month study of Onduo for type 2 diabetes with CGM use showed significant glycemic improvements, along with comorbidity biomarkers, such as systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol and weight.

Image: High-risk participants had an average, 2.4% A1C decrease and overall, participants experienced had an average, 1.6% A1C decrease .1

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Systolic blood pressure (mmHg, total) reduction1


Total cholesterol (mg/dL) reduction1


Weight (lbs.)loss1*


Our approach

Support for precisely each member

Vindell Washington
People are not a diabetic or a hypertensive, people are people. And in order to make precise interventions for those individuals we need to respect the dignity of the individual.
–Vindell Washington, MD, MSCCO, Care and Dir. Health Equity Center of Excellence, Verily
Onduo En Español

En Español

Support in Spanish every step of the way

We support members with a full type 2 diabetes experience in Spanish — from engagement materials and the app, to dedicated, Spanish-speaking coaches.

Partnering with us

True partners for health plans


1. Majithia AR, Kusiak CM, Improved Glycemic Outcomes in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Participating in a Continuous Glucose Monitor Driven Virtual Diabetes Clinic: A Prospective J Med Internet Res. 2020;22(8):e21778. doi:10.2196/21778 n=55; 60 days intermittent CGM wear,*n=43,; Systolic blood pressure decrease = average of all participants, Total cholesterol = average of all participants, Weight loss = average of all participants.


* Persons pictured are not actual Onduo members. For privacy reasons we have not shown images of real participants, but the imagery represents what actual Onduo members may experience.

** Weight loss results are not guaranteed. Individual weight loss outcomes, amount and time duration will vary.


Disclaimer: Onduo offers certain care management and coordinated clinical care programs for eligible individuals, as further described within the website. Onduo LLC and a network of affiliated professional entities (collectively, "Onduo") collaborate to offer the services. Onduo services are meant to be used in conjunction with regular in-person clinical services and not intended to replace routine primary care.


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