Building faster, stronger paths to recruitment goals

Recruitment needs a redesign. Collaborating with sponsors, we help build seamless paths to medical breakthroughs. Through end-to-end, precision recruitment services, we quickly engage more diverse, clinically-relevant populations — powered by technology, but delivered with a human touch.

Accelerating clinical trial recruitment

Precision recruitment

Precision engagement strategies

In-depth, foundational research and planning

At launch, comprehensive research helps surface participant details to ensure representation. Establishing demographics, behaviors and where people seek medical information supports development of a tailored plan that’s more focused, accessible, clear and compelling from the start.


How we deliver

  • Protocol assessment
  • Participant insights, such as condition-specific factors, consumer preferences and more 
  • Campaign forecasting and outreach strategy
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Personalized enrollment

Personalized enrollment journeys

Customized, end-to-end patient experiences

Initial discovery enables creation of custom outreach and adaptable workflows to increase enrollment and efficiencies. Pre-testing campaigns with real people who meet inclusion criteria allow for the best participant experience and results. And rigorous internal reviews ensure easier sponsor and IRB approvals for faster deployment.


How we deliver

  • User experience, or UX, research 
  • Full campaign design  
  • Ad and message development 
  • Rapid journey and message testing 
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Realtime performance

Real-time performance optimizations

Ongoing, data-driven analytics and enhancements

Advanced analytics enable ongoing optimizations, helping you realize faster results. Our in-house performance analytics team continually monitors your campaign’s performance to glean insights for quickly enhancing all aspects of recruitment, and for collaborating on faster, friction-free paths to your goals.


How we deliver

  • Project management and analysis planning
  • Continuous creative and channel adjustments
  • Performance dashboards for tracking and reporting
  • AI and data-driven insights and optimizations 
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holistic site support

Holistic site and patient support

High-touch, concierge-level services

Sites convert eligible prospects into participants through patient-directed and site-focused concierge services that foster patient satisfaction, free up staff, break through enrollment barriers and give essential “last mile” support.


How we deliver

  • Secondary screening
  • Site referral management 
  • Engagement reminders
  • Site operation assistance
  • Scheduling support
  • Technical support 
  • Global services 
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Championing recruitment success

Together with Verily, we are continuing to apply novel solutions to increase the pace of studies and collect higher quality, more comprehensive data. We’re creating trials that are more efficient, patient-centered and represent the people who will use the treatments.
John Kraus, MD, PhD Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Executive VP and CMO

Providing unique value

Data-driven, precision recruitment means effective engagement and retention of the right people, accelerating the path to clinically-relevant representation and recruitment of groups who historically haven’t taken part in clinical research — from launch to the last randomization.

Collaborators in accelerating clinical trial recruitment

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