Improve the ease, efficiency & quality of research

SignalPath from Verily is a state-of-the-art clinical trial management system (CTMS) that digitizes study protocols and eliminates siloed manual processes to enable high-quality research and maximize research revenue.

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Work smarter, not harder

Let SignalPath ingest, translate, and configure PDF protocols with our proprietary protocol digitization feature to easily power study workflows within our CTMS and unburden your staff.

Invest in usability

Designed for researchers by researchers to be intuitive and easy to use.

Manage all study visits and activities in one place

Quickly reference key visit activities for each protocol and participant, ensuring compliance and safety for every patient and study.

Track your site’s performance

Centralize key performance metrics to help identify additional efficiencies.


Maximize research revenue

Pre- and post-award financial tools enable a single source of truth across all clinical research activities.

Real-time study metrics

Run sophisticated study budgeting and dashboards to quickly view revenue, costs and profitability.

Streamline your pre-award process

With financial tools that enable billing calendar creation, budget preparations and negotiations (including Medicare Coverage Analysis).

Enhance site profitability & optimize research cash flows

With post-award tools for account reconciliation, milestone tracking, invoicing and financial reporting.


Integrate and unify your solutions

The SignalPath CTMS integrates with leading eClinical technologies so sites can maximize their existing trial ecosystem.

Connected ecosystem

The SignalPath CTMS offers integrations across eClinical solutions including health system EHRs, eRegulatory binders, patient payments and more.

Reduce complexity

Maximize clinical data quality and decrease task duplication with a CTMS platform that plays well with your existing tech stack.

Improve research productivity

Free your researchers to focus on research, not learning new systems.


Solution overview

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SignalPath is a robust CTMS designed to simplify the complexity of managing a clinical trial portfolio

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Brad Hirsch, MD, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SignalPath

SignalPath enables a better research ecosystem, combining premier, technology-enabled research sites with best-in-class trial tools to address patient, site and sponsor challenges.