Thursday, June 10, 2021

Meet Ilia Tulchinsky, Verily Engineering Director and Canada Site Lead

Meet Ilia Tulchinsky, Verily Engineering Director and Canada Site Lead

After a year like no other, healthcare and life science organizations are increasingly turning their attention to breaking down barriers to data and evidence generation. Verily is growing its engineering team and is opening a site dedicated to healthcare engineering, data science and product development in Waterloo, Canada. Read more below in our Q&A with Canada Site Lead and Engineering Director, Ilia Tulchinsky, about Verily's growing team in the Greater Toronto Area and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful work in healthcare.

Could you share why you joined Verily?

I’ve spent the past 13 years at Google, with the last four years focused on building Google Cloud’s healthcare platform and Cloud Healthcare API. At Cloud, my team focused on solving complex analytics and data management challenges for large healthcare and life science organizations. I feel very fortunate to continue this journey in healthcare in the Alphabet family progressing from the platform to innovative product development at Verily.

Why did you choose to focus your career on engineering challenges in healthcare?

It’s inspiring to work in healthcare; our work impacts the lives of others and we can see that impact scale across entire populations. I’m eager to help Verily’s partners and customers to unlock useful insights in their healthcare data that will improve patient outcomes and lower costs. It’s a big opportunity and responsibility; the sense of purpose,mission and agile innovation within the Verily team is palpable.

What are you most looking forward to working on this year?

Verily is an exciting place to work because of the breadth of the product portfolio and ambitious goals the team sets out for itself to achieve. I think the Verily Value Suite and Terra are incredibly impactful platforms and I’m proud that the team here in Canada will be spearheading the engineering efforts.

What are your aspirations for the Kitchener-Waterloo team?

My vision for the team is to build a center of excellence in scaled agile data-driven innovation in healthcare, solving for the formidable data, integration, user experience and data science challenges prevalent in this complex domain.

There is a growing community of forward-looking health systems like Highmark Health, Emory University, and others whom we are partnering with to derive better insights and patient outcomes from diverse data sets. My hope is that the Kitchener-Waterloo team becomes a trusted partner in product and solution development to the leading healthcare and life science organizations in Canada, the US and internationally.

Where can we learn more about current openings on the Kitchener-Waterloo team?

We're growing the team across Software Developers, including Senior Software Developers and ManagersProduct Management, User Experience Design and ResearchData Science and Program Management.

You can view all the current openings for Kitchener-Waterloo at: