Thursday, February 25, 2021

Healthy at Work Launches Vaccine Management Tool

Healthy at Work Launches Vaccine Management Tool


This is one of the questions on the minds of Americans everywhere, and the answer varies. While individuals seek answers through health systems, public health initiatives or other media, businesses are facing a parallel question:

How will vaccination efforts impact the safety of my employees at work and our current policies?

The answer here may depend on an organization’s population size, geography, office spaces and current testing policies. But across the board, implementing new policies and systems for vaccine management will be a critical part of establishing and maintaining a safe, COVID-19-free environment.

Today, our Healthy at Work program has launched its first tool to support vaccine management, enabling employers and universities to view and update the vaccination status of their Healthy at Work participants. Through Healthy at Work, organizations like Waymo and University of Alabama (on behalf of all the four-year colleges in Alabama), as well as Fortune 50 financial services and biotechnology organizations have implemented COVID-19 testing, symptom tracking and population analytics to enable a safe and effective return to their shared spaces.

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Healthy at Work administrators, including benefits leaders or workforce managers, can utilize the tool as part of their Healthy at Work implementation. Through Healthy at Work’s digital interface, participants will receive organization-specific instructions for providing proof of vaccination.


Healthy at Work App User Interface

Healthy at Work administrators can log into the Admin Console and add confirmation of the vaccination based on the proof submitted by each participant in the manner specified.


Once logged in the system, vaccination status will be added to a participant’s profile. Participants may then receive a digital vaccination pass and/or clearance to return to work or school, depending on the organization’s policies.


Trial data for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines suggest an individual builds partial immunity 2 weeks after the first vaccine dose and full immunity 1-2 weeks after the second dose. For the purposes of Healthy at Work, participants are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the second dose. What remains unclear according to current industry data, is whether vaccinated individuals are still able to carry and transmit the virus.

Given these facts, it’s important to continue vigilance when it comes to testing employee and student populations. Our clinical and data science teams have been working closely with Healthy at Work customers to develop custom testing strategies based on vaccination rate, population, geography, community prevalence and other factors. We recommend that vaccinated participants remain subject to the same COVID-19 testing schedule as non-vaccinated participants in order to minimize risk of transmission. We do provide the option for Healthy at Work administrators to configure settings that will exempt vaccine recipients from testing and symptom checks, based on their organization’s needs or circumstances.

As the COVID-19 landscape continues to rapidly evolve, our clinical team, led by Dr. Robert Califf, Dr. Vivian Lee and Dr. Paul Varghese, alongside our data science team, led by Menachem Fromer, PhD, will continue to work with Verily's broader cross-disciplinary teams to launch additional features through Healthy at Work that support the ongoing vaccine rollout and maximize safety.

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Note: vaccine status is based on employee-reported data provided to the employer and is not independently verified by Healthy at Work.