Catalyze Precision Health Research.

Terra is a scalable, secure research platform, jointly developed by The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft, and Verily to help biomedical researchers accelerate scientific discoveries.

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Unlock the full value of your data

Cross-analyze your private data against Terra’s growing, multi-modal data ecosystem to discover new insights.

Strengthen quality of insights through collaboration

Easily build and share best practices across your organization. Terra’s collaborative workspaces bring stakeholders and partners together and allow you to bring your own analytic tools into the platform.

Build on global scientific progress

Tap into a growing network of researchers, cutting edge capabilities, and reproducible methods.

Manage data use and governance

Empower data managers with tools to manage shared data, control access, and assemble data lineage information.


Secure, cloud-native platform that frees researchers to focus on science

Interactive Data Exploration

Simplify data browsing and cohort-building to clicks, not code to enhance cross-functional collaboration.

Scalable Infrastructure

Launch compute clusters and run thousands of parallel workflows on native cloud infrastructure at no additional cloud compute cost and with complete data access control.

Over 2.4M+ study participants

Over 40M+ single cells

Over 3K+ data pipelines and workflows

Power scientific breakthroughs with data, tools, and collaboration


What is Terra?

Terra is a platform that provides data governance and lineage, multi-modal data access and connectivity, collaborative tools, workflows, and reproducible methods to scale commercial precision health and drug discovery initiatives. Read more about the collaboration across Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft, and Verily to accelerate the next generation of Terra.

What is Terra’s relationship with The Broad Institute, Microsoft, and Verily Life Sciences?

The Data Sciences Platform Team at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Verily Life Sciences established a partnership in 2017 to accelerate biomedical research. Microsoft joined the partnership in 2021 to further accelerate new innovations in biomedicine through the Terra platform. The companies are working together to enhance and extend the Terra platform to help health experts interpret an unprecedented amount of data and derive insights for the treatment of human diseases.

Can Terra operate on multiple clouds?

Terra is designed to integrate with multiple cloud providers. Today, the platform is available on Google Cloud and our partnership with Microsoft is accelerating the development of Terra on Microsoft Azure.

Does Terra make all datasets automatically co-analyzable?

Every dataset comes with its own access policies and formats. Some datasets are compatible for co-analysis, while others require additional harmonization and standardization. Verily can apply our decades of scientific expertise to support this work through our Research Accelerator services. Contact us to learn more here.

Has Terra been used for publications?

Terra has powered more than 40 scientific publications in leading academic journals in 2021 alone.