Monday, February 7, 2022

Four Years of the Baseline Health Study

We set out on this mission to map human health with the hope that our work may inform the future of health research.

As we begin our work in 2022, we want to take a moment to recognize the achievements of 2021 and what the Baseline Health Study (BHS) has accomplished so far.

This past year, our community engaged in daily habits that can have a big impact on overall health.

We hosted a live webinar for BHS participants to discuss the results of our Sleep Mission, which highlighted the effects of Daylight Savings Time on sleeping patterns – suggesting that “springing forward” resulted in changes in our participants’ sleep quality, time, and restedness. With the launch of our Oral Health Study, in partnership with Colgate-Palmolive and the University of North Carolina, we also hosted a live oral health event with experts from Colgate to educate our community on the relationship between oral health and overall health.

It’s a testament to the dedication of both our participants and our researchers that we have continued to gather meaningful data that ultimately supports our mission to map human health. These efforts reflect our shared commitment to improve clinical research and accelerate medical breakthroughs.

So after four years of hard work, you can imagine we’ve collected quite a bit of data. We are excited to share just how much our community has contributed not only in 2021, but also throughout the lifetime of BHS thus far.

Of course, these last four years are more than just the hours, the tests, and the surveys. Behind every bit of the data, are the people – the researchers and the participants themselves who have collectively contributed their experiences to advancing clinical research.

And as we continue to grow, we remain thankful to our community of participants who’ve made this all possible – those who started the journey with us from the very beginning, and those who continued to actively contribute through 2021. We look forward to exploring new insights and future research opportunities in the evolving landscape of health.

We set out on this mission to map human health with the hope that our work may inform the future of health research. In 2021, we published Importance of Social Determinants in Screening for Depression. Keep an eye out for many new publications with key insights in the coming year.

This is tangible and scientifically significant recognition that the work we’ve been doing is important and impactful. And we’re only getting started.

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