Thursday, October 27, 2022

A data-driven, personalized approach to chronic care

A data-driven, personalized approach to chronic care

Our current healthcare system is set up to treat people when something becomes a problem – blood sugar levels are out of range, weight feels out of control, and quality of life has become compromised. How do we become smarter in our approach to healthcare and start helping people be well before their health is at risk?

At Verily, we’ve combined data-driven, personalized clinical programs with an easy-to-use experience to manage chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension: Onduo by Verily. Onduo is offered to health plans, employers, and health systems to provide personalized, precision care to help people with chronic conditions live healthy, empowered  lives.

Onduo’s solution brings together an easy to use mobile app with the support of a community of experts to care for individuals living with diabetes, hypertension or focused on mental and behavioral health challenges. By understanding individuals’ needs, we can deliver tailored interventions at moments that matter.

Data-driven personalization

Shifting the care paradigm from reactive to proactive starts by understanding the many factors that influence each person's health. To model a personalized approach for each person, Onduo by Verily brings together a more comprehensive data picture, combining behavioral activity, glucose monitoring, medication adherence, and social determinants of health data to tailor each part of the program with suggestions and coaching that are most relevant to them. In addition, our clinical and behavioral analytics engine analyzes the impact across conditions, prioritizing the most important next steps for each member to proactively manage their health. The goal is to deliver a better whole care approach for each person.

In partnership with Onduo members, we can help people stay ahead of disease with personalized guidance, motivation and access to our care team, when clinically indicated, to support people in setting goals and achieving them. Our team of coaches, dieticians and clinicians help deliver proactive recommendations, based upon unique needs and lifestyles, at moments that matter, establishing a personalized path toward better health.

A member experience that engages

There are few industries more personal and vital than healthcare. In order to drive sustained behavior change that leads to better health outcomes, people must personally engage and make those small and large changes to improve their health. At Verily, we invest in the member experience to make each step more intuitive, encouraging, and engaging. Whether that’s our trained team of coaches, or Onduo’s streamlined, easy to use app experience, or the personalized reminders we thoughtfully send to take that next step, our experiences are designed to bring members along to proactively manage their conditions over time. Whether they are synching their medication data or pairing a glucose monitor, our members see an intuitive experience that makes these steps easier.

At Verily, we believe that the combination of comprehensive data science combined with more engaging member experiences will drive more proactive management of chronic care conditions, driving the right behavioral changes for each person. Through a better understanding of individual health, we and our partners—health systems, payers, employers, and other health innovators—can deliver tailored interventions when needed. Onduo by Verily was designed to make the right choices, the easy choices…for each person, based on a comprehensive view of that person’s health.

The Onduo platform continues to improve and expand, and we look forward to sharing the latest advances at HLTH 2022 this year.

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