When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world in 2020, Verily was able to respond rapidly.

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a letter from our ceo

As a group of scientists, clinicians and engineers, we began to contemplate what we could do to support a critical public health crisis from the earliest days of the pandemic. Our team moved with great urgency in collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies to develop the community-based Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program, a connected and secure solution to support individuals from screening through testing and receipt of their test results.

The Verily team, joined by volunteers from our Alphabet family, came together to stand up physical community-based testing sites, establish a complex supply chain of testing kits and personal protective equipment, and rapidly evolve our Baseline clinical trials platform to support this effort.

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One year later, our program supports community testing at over 1,200 sites across 16 states. We've shared our learnings with the public since the earliest days when we released a COVID-19 Community-Based Testing Program Guide to assist other organizations with their efforts. The research side of the Baseline program is also offering insights into the evolving pandemic and supporting the understanding of treatments and vaccines.

We leveraged our experience from the Baseline testing program to help organizations across the country safely return students and employees to campus. Our Healthy at Work program has enabled 229,896 people (and counting) to return safely to their workplace or university, and Verily’s new CLIA-certified lab at our headquarters in South San Francisco received four Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) from the FDA for its innovation in population-based testing.

These are just a few of the initiatives Verily launched during the pandemic, and we’re excited to share the full breadth of our activities to support our communities in this report.

-Andy Conrad, CEO

Kymmie Scott
Emergency Services Manager, County of Del Norte

The Yurok Tribe is grateful and humble for all the services that have been provided to us.

Equity & Accessibility

Our commitments to equity and accessibility

Inequities that are inherent in the U.S. healthcare system became even more painfully evident over the course of the pandemic. We knew from the beginning that we needed to focus on equity and access in our programs. Today, testing through the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program is available for free to all adults and children ages 4 and over.

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Del Norte County

"By providing accurate and easy-to-access testing, Verily allowed our County to focus our limited resources on other important matters such as contact tracing."

– Kymmie Scott, NEMAA, Emergency Services Manager | MHOAC | Terrorism Liaison Officer
Verily, Trinity County PHD, and Team Rubicon

San Mateo County

“San Mateo County could not have met the COVID-19 testing needs of our residents for the first six months of the pandemic without our symbiotic relationship with Verily.”

Peter Shih, Senior Manager of Delivery System Planning
San Mateo County

LA Expo Center

“By pairing Verily’s Baseline COVID-19 Program technology with Team Rubicon’s logistical expertise, this partnership [served] more than 40 communities in the first phase in the fight against COVID-19.”

Branch Operations, Team Rubicon
Customers include leading biotech and financial services organizations
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How it works:

Baseline's COVID-19 Testing Program Video

Verily's Baseline

Supporting COVID-19 Research

An end-to-end digital platform that speeds research and evidence generation, Verily’s Baseline was quickly deployed to support both secure, “smart” COVID-19 screening and testing, and research to support development of new vaccines and therapeutics. Baseline has become the foundation for multiple efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


More than 178,000 participants have opted to be part of our Baseline COVID-19 Research Program, which has enabled us to contribute to research on the impact of the pandemic on mental health and well-being and coping mechanisms, for example.


Baseline was selected as the platform partner for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) HERO research program in frontline workers.

We are now partnering with Pfizer and the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) on the HERO-Together study, a long-term surveillance study of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in frontline health workers.

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HERO Together: “My Shot Video”

Verily employees encourage vaccinated healthcare workers to join the HERO-Together study

Emily O’Brien, PhD,
principal investigator, HERO registry

Through HERO-Together, we will be able to gain insights into people’s experiences with the vaccine and help answer questions about an urgent public health crisis.

Verily’s Health platforms

Keeping people safe in the workplace & in the clinic

We’ve developed a comprehensive and customizable COVID-19 screening and testing program to help organizations safely return to work and school. We also developed tools to support frontline healthcare workers in providing remote care to their communities.

Bob Phillips
Executive Director of GuideSafe, University of Alabama

Verily made it possible for students to submit information, schedule a test, and check in at a testing site for their nasal swab using only their phone, without touching a piece of paper. It’s very consumer focused.

our science and device innovation

The COVID-19 landscape changes constantly

Verily is leveraging its science and medical device expertise to innovate new tools based on the latest data and research to support active prevention of disease spread in communities.


We opened a CLIA-certified lab at our headquarters in South San Francisco over the summer to support testing capacity for more rapid return of results for our customers and to drive innovation in population-based testing. We have received an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for new approaches to pooled COVID-19 testing.

Verily Patch

In December 2020, Verily released its digital clinical thermometer, the Verily Patch under an FDA enforcement policy for thermometers. About the size of a quarter, Verily Patch includes a temperature sensing device and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to easily track a user’s temperature with the paired mobile app. Phone notifications alert the wearer if their temperature rises above a self-selected threshold.

March 2020 - Dec 2020


Verily has developed the data infrastructure, research and analytics tools, and collaborative care models to tackle big healthcare problems, including the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re thankful for our Verily team as well as our many collaborators and partners who have built and supported these critical efforts from the ground up to meet the needs of our communities.

As the world recovers from this pandemic, we are focused on how we can help employers, hospitals and health systems to respond to the uncertainties and challenges ahead.

Let’s get your teams back to work safely.

healthy at work