Precision analytics & engagement to improve care

Verily Value Suite (VVS) integrates powerful analytics and effective intervention to make clinical and financial opportunities visible and actionable.

Imagine a future where post-op complication risk and long lengths of stay can be better predicted.

The key to address the needs of health systems is transforming your business intelligence systems from an informational data repository to a set of specific actions to drive impactful change. Verily Value Suite will pair clinically grounded business automation with Alphabet’s world-class technology capabilities to empower you with an integrated platform for continuous clinical and financial improvement.

Verily Value Suite brings actionable insights to where the change is happening - on the front lines of care.

Connect your data

Integrate siloed data sources to unlock value

Comprehensively connect data, linking clinical and cost accounting data down to individual patients, episodes, and providers.

Learn & adapt

Prioritize the right opportunities

Discover actionable opportunities for clinical and financial improvement by honing in on deviations from care pathways and unwarranted variations in care, with visibility into root causes.

Insights grounded in sophisticated risk adjustment and predictive analytics will highlight clear next steps.

Lead Change

Deliver more personalized recommendations to patients

Engage patients through automated, tailored patient outreach, reinforcing activities that improve outcomes and patient experience.

Help care teams align with care pathways and reduce unwarranted care variation by providing guidance integrated into current workflow and systems.

Example: Detect when patients have failed to complete required pre-op tasks and automatically prompt them to take action.

Track Impact and Continue Improving

Measure, deliver and evolve strategies

With highly granular and near real-time visibility into clinical and cost details, Verily Value Suite will enable you to track progress, measure ROI, and evolve strategies and care pathways.

Through this feedback loop, VVS will deliver a continuous improvement model with sustainable impact over time.

Example: Track reductions in readmission rates resulting from improved patient adherence to pre-op and post-op pathway, and highlight patient sub-segments that require additional support.

Verily Value Suite brings actionable insights to where the change is happening - on the front lines of care.

Learn more about how Verily Value Suite is driving change throughout the healthcare ecosystem

Verily partners with Emory Healthcare to analyze clinical data for improved cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency

We’re working with Emory Healthcare, a world-class academic medical center. Based on a deep analysis of care delivery, Verily is designing and deploying solutions to identify value opportunities.

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Verily and Highmark collaborate to reinvent healthcare experience for providers and patients

Highmark Health and Verily are collaborating on next best action recommendations for patients and clinicians. This model leverages Verily’s advanced analytics and AI and Highmark Health’s clinical insights to create an end-to-end solution for connecting the right data, learning opportunities for improvement, making change through digital care pathways, and understanding the impact of those changes.

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Mayo Clinic and Verily build advanced clinical decision support to enhance care

The Mayo Clinic-Verily collaboration focuses on the development of an end-to-end, evidence-based decision support solution to enable delivery of the highest-quality care.

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Verily Value Suite brings actionable insights to where the change is happening - on the front lines of care.