Expanding access to quality eye screening

The Verily Retinal Service combines an advanced camera with workflow software, making it easier for clinicians to conduct quality diabetic retinopathy screens.

Building tools that bring the promise of precision health to everyone, every day.

Ninety percent of severe vision loss caused by diabetes is preventable with early detection and treatment strategies.1 Our holistic offering is primed to drive meaningful change for people with diabetes.

The Retinal Camera

Intuitive and easy to use

This lightweight and portable camera is built with advanced lighting and stabilization technology, making it easy for clinicians. It requires no dilation of the eye in most cases, making it easy for patients.2

Addressing Gaps in Care

Bringing solutions where they're needed most

Born out of a real-world need and a long-standing collaboration between Google and Verily, Verily Retinal Service uniquely combines hardware, software and services, expanding access to quality eye screening.

Verily Retinal Services allows providers to integrate routine DR screening into existing workflows.

85% of people living with diabetes in the United States managed diabetes through primary care providers (PCPs).3

84% of patients would be comfortable getting screened by their PCP, however only 14% have been screened at their PCP before.4


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