Our Story

Making better health possible for exactly every body.

True, comprehensive health is expanding exponentially.

Massive increases in health information & computing power are coinciding with health challenges of a scale & magnitude we’ve never seen—creating urgency for value-based care and improved outcomes for all. Precision health represents a fundamental shift to health and to care that is more individualized, accessible, and affordable.

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We combine data & human-centered design to help people live healthier lives.

Who We Are

We are an Alphabet company focused on generating and applying evidence from a wide variety of sources to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Launched from Google X in 2015, our purpose is to bring the promise of precision health to everyone, every day. Our work is focused on shifting the paradigm from “one size fits all” medicine to one focused on a more comprehensive view of the individual that leads to a more personalized path forward.

Our extraordinary mission requires extraordinary people.


Our Collaborators

We collaborate with world renowned organizations committed to making a positive impact on human health.