Alleviate research gridlock and burnout with advanced, user-friendly technology

A state-of-the-art clinical trial management system (CTMS), built for enterprise research sites, digitizes study protocols and eliminates siloed manual processes to enable more efficient research, higher-quality output and maximum research revenue.

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Simplify study workflows

Simplify study workflows

Protocol digitization

Work smarter, not harder

Through our proprietary protocol digitization function, PDF protocols are accurately and efficiently ingested and digested, configuring pages and pages of criteria, logic, steps and data into a digital master study translation, powering all clinical and financial workflows for every consented participant.

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Protocol digitization.

Maximize research revenue

Maximize research revenue
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Site CTMS enables a better research ecosystem by connecting premier, technology-enabled research sites with best-in-class trial tools to address patient, site and sponsor challenges.
Brad Hirsch, MD, Head of Product and Implementation

Integrate and unify systems

Integrate and unify systems

Support all site stakeholders

Set your site free

Free your staff to focus on research. And enable more friction-free research paths with next-gen CTMS features that support quality output and therefore, researcher confidence, by cutting manual tasks and offering a one-stop-shop for all activities.
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