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Verily welcomes Deepak Ahuja as Chief Financial Officer

From our very early days as a small team of biologists and engineers, our vision for what is now Verily was expansive. We believed that if we connected the world of sensors and clinical research with sophisticated computing infrastructure and activated those insights for people with user-friendly platforms, we could improve outcomes and move value-based care forward. Now as an independent Alphabet company we continue to accelerate toward this vision, forging partnerships and ventures with multiple leaders in healthcare. With this continued maturation and growth, we are excited to welcome Deepak Ahuja as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who will provide his extensive strategic and operational expertise to help build the future of our business.

Deepak served as CFO for Tesla over a combined nine-plus years. With his leadership, the company realized a successful initial public offering in 2010 and in the time since, he helped grow the company’s market capitalization to over $60B. Deepak brings decades of experience to Verily’s leadership team. Prior to Tesla Deepak was at Ford Motor Company as a finance executive in various roles, including CFO for Ford Southern Africa and CFO of AutoAlliance International. Deepak will take the reins from Duncan Welstead, who built the finance function within Verily, and led the successful completion of two capital raises totalling $1.8B from large institutional investors. Duncan will continue to oversee Verily's financial operations and systems, reporting to Deepak.

"I am very excited to embark on this journey with the Verily team to support the vision of significantly reducing healthcare costs with a preventive approach. The healthcare industry, much like the transportation industry when I first joined Tesla, is on the cusp of a new wave of transformation. The combination of very diverse skill sets and vertical integration of innovative technologies puts Verily in a unique position to deliver on the shared goals of many: better, less expensive care for many people," says Deepak. 

Deepak Ahuja
Chief Financial Officer, Verily
I am very excited to embark on this journey with the Verily team to support the vision of significantly reducing healthcare costs with a preventive approach.

At Verily, we know that patients, providers, and health systems are looking to reimagine what’s possible in healthcare and clinical research. As the U.S. healthcare system buckles under rising costs and static outcomes, the move to value-based care is a bright, if challenging, path forward to transforming our industry. Our work to contribute to this changing landscape will be greatly served by Deepak’s leadership and experience with driving innovation in legacy industries. 

At Verily, our mission is to make the world’s health data useful so people can enjoy healthier lives. As we scale our efforts in a rapidly growing and complex environment, we look forward to Deepak’s leadership and expertise to guide our business and realize healthier lives for more people.

Andy Conrad, PhD, CEO Verily