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Tackling opioid addiction in Dayton, Ohio

Americans under 50 years old are more likely to die from an unintended overdose than any other cause, and two-thirds of those deaths involve an opioid. We are in the midst of a public health emergency. At Verily, we are focused on making health information useful so people can live healthier lives, and in the face of one of the greatest public health crises the U.S. has seen, we are compelled to act.

With our partners, we founded OneFifteen, a not-for-profit healthcare ecosystem launched in Dayton, Ohio driven by the conviction that recovery is not a 28 day process. Recovery from addiction requires continuous access to effective treatment, and to maintain recovery people need stability, employment, and a sense of purpose.

OneFifteen offers evidence-based care that over time will include the full continuum of services, including outpatient and inpatient treatment, crisis stabilization, and rehabilitation housing, as well as wraparound services such as vocational training. OneFifteen is committed to removing some of the critical limitations that affect a person’s ability to continue treatment. The co-location of the full continuum of care on our state-of-the-art campus, along with many of its additional features such as a Family Wait Room, underscores this patient-centered approach.

OneFifteen’s focus is on sustained recovery for its patients, and to achieve this they have taken a community-based approach.

Verily supports the work of OneFifteen by providing technology and analytic capabilities to power a “learning health system”. Currently, there is an absence of high quality information to guide individuals, communities, and legislators to adopt treatment models that they are confident support prevention and recovery. Verily’s learning health system hopes to close that information gap, while maintaining the strictest standards of patient privacy and data security. 

The learning health system will go beyond providing the critical technical infrastructure needed to treat patients day-to-day, to also generate insights that will advance our understanding of how to better treat and promote sustained recovery for those experiencing addiction. Our hope and goal is that this will support the evolution of best practices for the field overall. 

OneFifteen’s focus is on sustained recovery for its patients, and to achieve this they have taken a community-based approach. Dayton, Ohio has a rich history of innovation but in the past several years has experienced a significant burden around opioid addiction and overdose. With strong institutions and civic leadership, the community is a natural partner for a unique and integrated approach to treatment. OneFifteen and Verily are committed to supporting the revitalization of Dayton. With skill building, job training, and OneFifteen’s partnerships with groups like Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses, we hope to support a virtuous cycle of recovery for graduates of the OneFifteen and the Dayton community.

We are on a journey to continually evolve addiction treatment towards better and better outcomes. This is not a short-term undertaking. In the future, we hope that this initiative will be a cornerstone that helps advance the field of addiction medicine, demonstrating the value of investing in behavioral health, and ultimately allowing people to enjoy happier, healthier lives.