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Healthy at Work

Providing ongoing COVID-19 screening and testing for a healthy return to work and school

Verily is delivering “smart” COVID-19 screening and testing services to communities across the country to support public health initiatives and keep people safe.

Healthy at Work integrates COVID-19 testing, symptom screening, population analytics and ongoing safety controls to help organizations operationalize their plans to return to work and campus. Administrators have access to centralized results and analytics; the latest public health guidance; and Verily’s clinical and data science experts to help customize and adapt the program for the rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape. Enrolled individuals share symptoms daily through a simple web interface and participate in testing to ensure the safety of shared spaces.

Verily's Healthy at Work program

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What’s unique about Healthy at Work?


  • Partner with us to design a testing strategy that fits your population
  • Choose selective criteria for return to function prioritization and eligibility


  • Get direct access to Verily’s expert team of clinicians, technologists and data scientists to help you iterate and adapt your return strategy
  • Shape your testing approach with analytics specific to your team and location


  • Leverage Verily’s established infrastructure and protocols for onsite, nearsite and mail home testing options
  • Receive actionable guidance and recommendations based on public health guidelines

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What else is Verily doing to support efforts around COVID-19?

Healthy at Work follows Verily’s creation of a secure and connected Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program which has tested over 220,000 individuals across 13 states in close collaboration with state and local public health authorities. Additionally, Verily’s Pathfinder suite of information management tools is supporting health systems and hospitals on the frontlines of care.