Surgical Insights Platform

Advancing next generation surgical robotics with machine learning and sophisticated imaging technology

What is the Surgical Insights Platform?

We’re working on advanced imaging technology and a software platform to optimize perioperative workflows and improve intraoperative contextual awareness. This program supports a vision for digital surgery and complements the work done by Verb Surgical, Verily and Ethicon’s joint venture that was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2019. Our team is developing an intelligent digital surgery platform that will incorporate robotics, visualization, advanced instrumentation, machine learning and connectivity into a total solution for operating room professionals.

How are you making it happen?

We’re working on next generation surgical technologies in partnership with surgeons and hospitals, with the shared goals of improving access to minimally invasive surgery, reducing cost of care and enabling better patient outcomes. Our comprehensive surgical solution is designed to allow for seamless integration of hardware, software and data to assist the surgical team during the most critical moments in surgery. We’re also developing machine learning-based components, which have the potential to make high quality care more accessible and enable best possible outcomes for all patients.