Project Baseline

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Connecting research participants with studies and offering an end-to-end digital platform for clinical research

What is Project Baseline?

Verily launched Project Baseline in 2017 with the goal of expediting evidence generation through clinical trial innovation. Its first initiative was the Baseline Health Study, a landmark 4-year observational study in partnership with Duke University School of Medicine and Stanford Medicine to collect comprehensive health information with the goal of  better understanding health and the transition to disease. Verily has since expanded Baseline through alliances with research participants, patient-advocacy groups, academic research institutions, health systems and life sciences organizations.

How are you making it happen?

Through Baseline, Verily is building a connected research ecosystem, engaging partners across healthcare, life sciences and technology. Verily and the Baseline team continue developing tools and technology, including the Baseline Platform - an end-to-end evidence generation platform - to engage more people in research, improve study efficiency and collect higher quality, more comprehensive data from the real world.

Today, Baseline encompasses a number of research initiatives, including Research Goes Red with the American Heart Association to engage more women in research; the Baseline Health Consortium, a collaboration with vanguard health systems to bridge the gap between research and care; and strategic alliances with leading companies to develop digitally innovative, patient-centered clinical research programs. Most recently, the Baseline Platform was used as the foundation for the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program because it offers a secure means of supporting individuals from screening through testing and receipt of their test results.