Personalized Parkinson's Project

Supporting comprehensive research in a national cohort of Parkinson’s Disease patients to gain unprecedented insights into the disease

What is the Personalized Parkinson's Project?

In collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center, Radboud University and ParkinsonNet, we are supporting a multi-year study in the Netherlands to explore factors that may impact the course of Parkinson’s disease. This collective effort, known as the Personalized Parkinson’s Project, seeks to identify new biological markers that will allow us to better track progression of the disease and potentially provide a foundation for new and more personalized treatments.

This is one of two longitudinal Parkinson’s research programs that Verily is supporting. The other is the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative.

How are you making it happen?

ParkinsonNet provides unique access to comprehensive Parkinson’s data in the Netherlands. By combining this information with data gathered from devices like the investigational Verily Study Watch, the team can aggregate multiple data points from a nationally representative cohort to identify patterns that affect the progression of the disease in a methodical and robust way. 

The study uses sophisticated molecular analyses, advanced brain imaging and wearable devices with sensors capable of measuring various types of data in the home, such as vital signs and activity levels, making it possible to perform in-depth analysis and characterization of the disease. Study Watch enables the ongoing collection of physiological and environmental signals.   

Our team has presented initial findings on long-term adherence with wearing a multi-sensor watch and will continue the work of the study to identify factors in Parkinson’s disease severity or progression.