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In 2017, 115 people were dying from opioid overdose every day. We are on a quest to reverse this course through learning, science, and partnership

What is OneFifteen?

OneFifteen is a non-profit recovery ecosystem dedicated to helping people live free of addiction. The organization believes successful recovery is achieved through personalized, evidence-based care and unwavering support from care providers and the community.

OneFifteen’s flagship program is based in Dayton, Ohio, a campus that provides a full continuum of services, including outpatient and inpatient treatment, crisis stabilization and rehabilitation housing, as well as wraparound services such as vocational training.

How are you making it happen?

Compelled to act in the face of one of the greatest public health crises in the U.S., Verily joined forces with national and local partners to launch OneFifteen in 2019. OneFifteen’s focus on sustained recovery for the community it serves is supported by Verily’s technology and analytic capabilities.

We’re applying data science to evaluate treatment pathways to advance evidence-based treatment of addiction and substance abuse. This powers a learning health system for OneFifteen by providing the technical infrastructure needed to treat patients day-to-day and to generate insights that will advance our understanding of how to better treat and promote sustained recovery for those experiencing addiction. Our hope and goal is that this will support the evolution of best practices for the field overall.

OneFifteen and Verily are also committed to supporting the revitalization of Dayton. With skill building, job training and OneFifteen’s partnerships with groups like Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses, we hope to support a virtuous cycle of recovery for graduates of OneFifteen and the Dayton community.