Immune Profiler

Developing a comprehensive molecular map of inflammatory disease

What is Immune Profiler?

Immune Profiler is a sophisticated immune mapping platform developed in-house, which combines laboratory phenotyping and advanced computational analysis techniques to generate detailed profiles of the immune system. Through several partnerships, we’re using the platform to better understand inflammatory autoimmune diseases with a higher degree of molecular resolution.

How are you making it happen?

Immune Profiler represents the next-generation of tools to understand the immune system, harnessing the latest in genomic and immunologic laboratory technologies and leveraging our ability to curate and analyze health data at scale. Our vision for Immune Profiler is to create a comprehensive molecular map of diseases with inflammatory pathogenesis. 

We aim to use Immune Profiler analysis to create a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms of immune dysfunction that underpin certain conditions, which may result in improved therapeutic management of patients.