Keep your team Healthy at Work

We’re here to help you get your employees back into the workplace safely with Verily Healthy at Work- a configurable vaccine tracker & testing program built around public health and OSHA guidelines.

Key Features

Vaccine Management

A turn-key & scalable solution that guides employees through the return to work eligibility process, from securely uploading photos of their vaccination cards to receiving test results.

COVID-19 Testing

Flexible COVID-19 testing options including pooled RT-PCR to manage cost and remove the burden of observed testing.

Vaccination & Test Tracking

Real-time dashboard shows eligibility status for all employees, including vaccination and testing adherence, while allowing you to communicate with employees not in compliance.

Developed by leading scientists and clinicians. Backed by data science.

Science-Led Approach

We combine the latest COVID-19 research, CDC guidelines and predictive modeling so you have the right data at your fingertips to track vaccination status, identify COVID-19 outbreaks and keep your work-site safe.

Flexible solutions built around your needs

Choose from multiple testing options to support your workforce population and needs, including onsite testing and mail-home kits.

Over 3M tests have been administered across Fortune 500 companies and leading universities.


Yes, we do have the ability to track vaccination status for individual employees.

Yes, Verily’s Healthy at Work has the ability to track booster shots in addition to the first vaccination records (including heterologous boosters).

Yes, employees can upload their vaccination card picture directly into our private and secure application.

Yes, after an employee uploads their vaccination record an administrator will approve or deny the proof of vaccination.

Healthy at Work allows CSV export and additional options via Big Query.

Yes, administrators can edit individual profiles to update the system to reflect a test result, a vaccination record, or flag employees who will not be vaccinated.  These factors may be used to enable or prohibit an employee from coming to work.

Yes, we offer RT-PCR testing in all 50 US states.

Yes, Verily’s Healthy at Work tool will allow any user to upload any test result they may have taken on their own, at a community testing site, at their primary care provider, or otherwise directly into the tool themselves.

Yes, our program allows the administration of cohorts for each customer. You can divide your employees into groups based on whatever parameters you are using to enforce your workplace safety measures, such as Cohort A is employees who work in close proximity to one another and Cohort B are other employees who are able to social distance.

Yes, we have an administrative dashboard to view all your employees in one place.

Yes, you can export the data to run any reports needed.

Yes, our data science approach can help your team prepare for what’s ahead by understanding your employee population and the community around it. We partner with you to create scenario-based outcomes that inform your mitigation strategies.

No, our platform does not support direct messaging. However, you can create rules based notifications wherein employees will receive automated messages when they need to fill out a survey, take a test, etc.

No, this is a web-based application and does not require you to download software, such as an app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Yes, the Healthy at Work application uses cloud-based infrastructure.

Yes, Healthy at Work is offered to organizations that are subject to HIPAA.

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