Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program

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Delivering COVID-19 screening and testing through Project Baseline and community-based sites

What is the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program?

The Baseline COVID-19 Program is a connected solution to support individuals from screening through testing at community-based testing sites and receipt of their test results. The program launched as part of the California state-led community-based COVID-19 testing program in order to establish protocols and a framework for broader and more systematized testing, and continues to scale nationally. As of September 2020, we’ve tested over 600,000 people through approximately 300 sites across 15 states.

How are you making it happen?

In early March 2020, Verily was asked by government agencies to contribute in any way we could to COVID-19 screening and testing efforts. Our team moved with great urgency to support development of the California community-based COVID-19 testing program by creating the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program, which leverages our existing Baseline Platform for running clinical research.

Since March, we’ve expanded the program through the launch of additional test sites, new partners like Rite Aid, as well as increased operations with laboratory partners to facilitate return of results. We’re also working with health authorities in multiple states to broaden access to COVID-19 testing nationwide.

We’ve also developed a guide with input from the California Department of Public Health that includes tips and best practices to help other communities launch testing sites, with instructions on how to integrate with the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program. Learn how to partner with us here.

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