Study Watch

What is the program?

Study Watch is an investigational medical device intended for seamless and scalable data collection in clinical studies conducted by Verily and its research partners. The device is designed to leverage specialized sensors and robust cloud infrastructure to capture and analyze physiological and environmental data. Study Watch also features a premium industrial design and an always-on display to appeal to a broad range of users for long-term wear.

Note: Study Watch is an investigational device and is not available for sale.

How are you making it happen?

Study Watch represents another step in our targeted efforts to create new tools for unobtrusive biosensing. With an elegant design and simple usability, Study Watch is intended to blend into daily life and captures health information for researchers. The device is designed to measure various physiological and contextual data through sensors. Study Watch is intended to bring us one step closer to understanding health and diseases, and a future of proactive healthcare.

Data from Study Watch are uploaded via a WiFi or cellular network using Verily Study Hub, and are processed in the cloud using our backend algorithms and machine learning tools. Study Watch is being tested in several clinical and observational studies, including Project Baseline and the Aurora Study. For more information on Study Watch features, please see our blog post.

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