We build cross-functional teams made up of research scientists, hardware and software engineers, physicians and commercial experts. Our multidisciplinary teams have access to advanced research tools, large scale computing power and unique technical expertise.

Leadership team

Andy Conrad, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly the chief scientific officer of LabCorp, Andy is a cell biologist with a doctorate from UCLA. He has always been passionate about early detection and prevention of disease. Andy co-founded the National Genetics Institute, which developed the first cost-effective test to screen for HIV in the blood supply.

Jessica Mega, M.D., M.P.H.

Chief Medical Officer

Jessica leads Verily’s healthcare team, which informs and studies Verily’s products, creates health platforms, and translates them into systems that improve outcomes. She is a cardiologist who trained and practiced at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a senior investigator with the TIMI Study Group, Jessica directed large, international clinical trials. She received her A.B. from Stanford University, M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine and M.P.H. from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Brian Otis, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Brian’s team focuses on end-to-end innovation ranging from integrated circuits to biocompatible materials to sensors. He joined Verily from the University of Washington Department of Engineering as founder of the smart contact lens project. He leads the company’s efforts across all hardware and device projects, including wearables, implanted devices and technology including Liftware. Previously, Brian held positions at the University of Washington Kelly Tremblay Brain and Behavior Laboratory, the UC-Berkeley Ralph Freeman Neuroscience Lab, Intel Corporation and Agilent Laboratories. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical engineering, in the field of low power integrated circuits for wireless sensors, from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tom Stanis

Head of Software

Tom leads all of Verily's software projects, including the development of machine learning algorithms for applications ranging from robotic-assisted surgery to diabetes management. Prior to joining Verily, he spent nine years working on core Google products and five years at Electronic Arts. Throughout his career, Tom's focus has been on improving the user experience, performance and scalability of systems through cross-functional collaboration. He received his B.S. from UW Madison.

Linus Upson

Head of Engineering

Linus Upson joined Google in 2005 and is a vice president at Verily. He leads Verily’s Debug Project and oversees engineering and user experience. Earlier he was responsible for overseeing Google’s browser products including Chrome and Chrome OS. Prior to Google, Linus was an engineer NeXT and Netscape and co-founded two companies, AvantGo and Qurb. Linus is on an extended leave from his undergraduate studies in mathematics at Princeton University.

Scientific Board

Denny Ausiello

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Dimitri Azar

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Vikram (Vik) Bajaj

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David Brailer

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Karl Deisseroth

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Frank Fischer

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Michael Frumkin

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Sanjiv Sam Gambhir

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George Loewenstein

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Nicholas (Nik) Schork

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Daniel Von Hoff

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David Wemmer

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