We're excited to welcome Jen Haslip to the Verily team as Head of Communications. Prior to joining Verily, Jen served as Vice President of Communications at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Learn more about Jen and what motivated her to join Verily.

Can you share why you have joined Verily?

Verily launched about a year before I led the communications for the launch of my previous employer, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI). These two organizations both wanted to harness data, innovation, technology and the brightest minds in science to affect change. I’ve had my eye on Verily ever since.

I have devoted the majority of my career to organizations that improve health outcomes for patients. I was honored to serve the mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where I led public relations and then later expanded my role to oversee patient outreach, celebrity engagement and social strategies. One patient, Markell, made a forever impression on me. He suffered from childhood osteosarcoma, and became the face of our partnership with the NFL on FOX. He had always wanted to play football, but he was unable to due to the cancer in his leg. I went with him to Los Angeles and then on to the Super Bowl in Dallas where he “walked the red carpet” before attending his first NFL game. He sadly passed away about five years ago but I think about him all of the time and he still moves me to focus my career on helping patients.

Verily’s commitment to research and care embodies the kind of company I wanted to join. In addition, after speaking with several members of the Verily team, I felt a common commitment to innovation and science, a collaborative spirit and strong work ethic. I am ready to get started leading communications that support this lifesaving mission.

How does Communications help support our business goals and growth?

Strategic communications plays a role in every facet of a business strategy. It supports the organization with fundamental pieces like a compelling corporate narrative, key messaging and storytelling that illuminates the people, products, programs and partners that set Verily apart. And, when there is news to share or progress to celebrate, Communications drives the content creation and the engagement strategy that keeps key audiences informed.

I also think it’s important that Communications has a seat at the table. What I mean is that we can help shape a message, ask questions to think through how best to communicate corporate goals and recommend how to address a new development or issue. We can help reflect on past progress and prepare for the future.

That is what I love the most about Communications: it has an enterprise view, and as such my hope is that it can help across all functions and teams at Verily.

What are you most excited about as you come into your new role?

There are so many reasons that I am excited to get started! I am ready to listen and learn about Verily’s products and programs and how communications can better serve the organization. I am ready to roll up my sleeves with my colleagues in marketing on a new way forward. I am ready to get to know the larger Verily community across all disciplines. Most of all, I am ready to use my experience and energy to help drive Verily’s short- and long- term objectives.