Verily's business centers around health data and turning that data into useful information that supports individuals, physicians, and organizations to develop new therapeutic interventions and improve outcomes while lowering the cost of care. Information security and data privacy are core to our efforts and Verily's platforms and programs, like Project Baseline, have been purpose-built to protect data and our users.

We are at an unprecedented time, where virtual care services like telemedicine and remote monitoring are poised to go mainstream. The health technology tools, services and infrastructure have been in place, and in many ways the current pandemic will serve as a forcing function to move care out of its historic epicenter of the hospital or clinic and into the home. COVID-19 has affected the business place, creating a virtual workforce for Verily and many of our partners overnight.

These advances and changes present complex security situations, and we see an opportunity to develop a strong capability in information security to serve the evolving needs of our community of partners, users and employees. As our programs continue to grow and mature, we are working to establish a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCOE) at Verily. This month, we welcome Stephen Gillett, former co-founder and CEO of Chronicle, an Alphabet company, to build this CCOE and further strengthen our institutional programs.

Stephen has worked with several Fortune 500 organizations on developing cybersecurity best practices. He has extensive experience in building and leading global cybersecurity and data privacy capabilities in his previous roles as chief operating officer at Symantec and chief information officer at Starbucks.

Stephen Gillett
Verily is working on some of the most meaningful and impactful capabilities and connections in the healthcare ecosystem.

I look forward to working with the Verily team and our partners to continue setting the bar in cybersecurity and data privacy."

We welcome Stephen's leadership and expertise as we develop this CCOE so that we continually push forward and execute the highest standard of information security and data privacy.

— Andy Conrad, PhD, CEO Verily