Today's progress in biotechnology and the resulting flurry of innovation are fueled by the same elements that have made South San Francisco a major hub for life sciences. These elements include access to venture and industry finance, availability of human talent, proximity to academia, and real estate developers creating physical clusters that provide the right environments and infrastructure for biotech businesses to grow and scale. Verily has made South San Francisco its home because we believe proximity fosters true collaboration and shared learning, and because we recognize our achievements will require strong partnerships with some of the greatest medical institutions and life sciences companies in the world.

Collaboration is critical to our corporate culture, ranging from strategic partnerships developed early and often in our engineering and commercialization programs to working closely with our family at Google. As our programs and initiatives continue to mature, new approaches and ideas will emerge both internally and externally that will complement our efforts and offer a window into new opportunities, new ventures and new ways of solving problems. To aid our pursuit of some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, Verily recognizes that we need to collaborate with both large, market-leading companies and pioneering start-ups who are working tirelessly to push the boundaries, operating on the edge of technology.

With this in mind, we have created Verily Partner Space, a hub for promising young companies and entrepreneurs who join us on our campus in South San Francisco. Through Partner Space, Verily aims to foster a rich ecosystem for innovation and idea sharing by offering office and lab space, exposure to the Verily team and other collaboration partners, and access to shared amenities.

We recently welcomed Culture Robotics and Freenome to our space. We intend to continue identifying companies and teams with compelling visions and complementary efforts to fill out the space. Our goal is to provide a home to young companies during critical early years as they refine their business and technology, and begin to scale and inflect.

Freenome employees working in the partner lab

Verily Partner Space is an expansion of the way we have worked at Verily since our inception - inviting our partners, from Onduo, Galvani and Verb for example, to share our workplace, eliminating the natural boundaries of space and distance. In so doing, we can more quickly advance our initiatives and solve really challenging problems in healthcare. We are excited, through Verily Partner Space, to extend our physical space to the start-up community and bring other like-minded entities into our fold with the goal to collectively pursue better health outcomes for humanity.

Posted by Andy Harrison, Strategic Business Development, Verily