This month, Verily is launching its annual U.S.-based Internship program. The internship is a paid 13-week program for rising seniors, either undergraduate or graduate students, who are interested in working at the intersection of technology, data science, and healthcare. The program is designed for all students from all backgrounds and is a pathway towards full-time employment within Verily. In conjunction with its internship program, Verily will also host two interns from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, as part of its annual Verily Morehouse Scholars program, launched in 2021.

Bryan Stapleton, a senior biology major from Staten Island, N.Y. studying at Morehouse College, was named the first Verily Morehouse Scholar in 2021. Last summer, he spent six weeks at Verily in South San Francisco working on COVID-19 PCR test data collection and cell culture/protein clarification projects.

“As Verily’s first Morehouse Scholar, what I appreciated most about my internship was the hands-on lab experience I gained and the access to all the talented individuals I worked with across the organization,” said Stapleton. “Before my internship at Verily, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to be doing when I launched my career. Working at Verily gave me that clarity to pursue a career in healthcare technology.”

Throughout the internship, students are exposed to Verily’s culture of innovation and collaboration by working on multi-faceted projects. Verily’s data scientists and engineers serve in the role as mentors and career development advisors. Often, these professional relationships extend beyond the duration of the internship program.

“I saw firsthand the difference between a college lab and a clinical lab, and learned how scientists present their data and consult with each other to ensure everything aligns,” said Stapleton. “I’m also grateful for the opportunity to build my network of professionals who are doing what I want to do.”

Interns have the opportunity to work across all teams at Verily once accepted into the program. Based on their background and interests, students can apply to projects ranging from chronic disease management and type 2 diabetes research to the study of mosquito-borne diseases to designing new programs to combat the spread of COVID-19.

“To have a meaningful impact on healthcare, we must develop solutions that are accessible and useful to everyone, and that requires diverse perspectives and engagement,” said Andrew Conrad, Verily’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our 2022 program deepens our commitment to recruit, mentor and develop students who are interested in working in the exciting new frontiers of healthcare technology and science.”

Verily has posted 40+ new internship openings across its business for the 2022 year. Students have the option to apply for a session running May 16th to August 12th, 2022, or for a session running June 13th to September 9th, 2022. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

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