Today, we announced a new partnership with L'Oréal that combines their leadership in dermatological innovation with Verily’s clinical science capabilities and commitment to delivering precision health solutions across every aspect of a person’s life.

An estimated 1.9 billion people worldwide have skin issues and, in the United States, one in three people are affected by skin disease. Far too many do not have access to a dermatologist. The skin is our largest organ and we know that regular examination can unlock information about a person's health - diagnosing conditions from eczema and psoriasis to skin cancer - as well as provide insights about the aging process.

The collaboration between Verily and L’Oréal aims to break down barriers to dermatology care and bring new insights to dermatologists that can help improve skin health outcomes.

"We are excited to partner with Verily, a world leader in precision health tech. L'Oréal's century-long commitment to pioneering innovation has come from our strong belief in the intersection between science, formulations, and our unique Advanced Research capabilities to decode revolutionary scientific discoveries that will create the future of beauty," says Nicolas Hieronimus, Chief Executive Officer, L'Oréal Group. "Thanks to this partnership, we want to lead a new era of skin health, through tech and science, to enable every person around the world the most inclusive, personalized, powerful and precise programs for their skin at each stage of their lives."

The partnership is being brought to life through two complementary programs:

First, we're taking on a strategic research collaboration to establish a longitudinal biological, clinical, environmental view of skin health. It combines L'Oréal’s deep scientific knowledge of skin and Verily's comprehensive clinical science capabilities, to decode and discover the links between exposome, skin aging, and deep biology of the skin.

"Our work with L'Oréal builds on Verily's success in redefining how we gather real world data to inform health decisions while addressing an unmet need for dermatology care globally," said Amy Abernethy, President of Verily's Clinical Studies Platforms. "Delivering real and meaningful innovation in skin health begins with gaining a better understanding of how factors like biology, nutrition, lifestyle and age affect and are affected by skin health. Using these insights along with new approaches including telehealth and digital tools, we can strive to reach the nearly two billion people worldwide with skin issues and have an opportunity to improve skin health outcomes."

The second piece of this work is a partnership between Verily’s R&D team and L'Oréal’s’ R&I and Active Cosmetics division to explore the development of tele-diagnosis solutions including AI, sensors and other technologies.

"Verily and L'Oréal believe in the transformative power of technology to enable precision beauty and health," said Stephen Gillett, President and COO, Verily. "We are pleased to partner with a world leader in cosmetic science to better understand and promote skin health."

Partnerships like this are indicative of the types of initiatives that are necessary to chart the path for the next generation of care - combining deep expertise, experience and established credibility with new approaches to identifying and understanding individual health needs and delivering precision health solutions.

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