Verily, an Alphabet company, will have a strong and exciting presence at this year’s HLTH Conference in Boston, October 17- October 21, 2021.

Two of Verily’s executives, Dr. Vivian Lee, President of Health Platforms, and Dr. Amy Abernethy, President of Clinical Research Platforms and Former Principal Deputy Commissioner of the US FDA, will speak about the intersection of medicine, technology, and science.

HLTH gathers healthcare leaders, innovators and pioneers to address pressing issues and hot trends shaping the healthcare industry. This year’s themes are centered around health and data: data generation/platforms, care models, mental health, pivotal healthcare innovations, and healthcare for the greater good.

Is Our Future Decentralized?

October 17th at 4 pm EST

Dr. Abernethy will be joined by Michelle Longmire, CEO and Cofounder of Medable, in a point-counterpoint panel moderated by Craig Lipset, an advisor to Clinical Innovation Partners.  The three will explore what the future of clinical trials could look like, what qualifies a superior data generation platform, and where each company will stake their flags within the trials space.   With Baseline by Verily’s dual focus of improved clinical outcomes and superior data generation, Dr. Abernethy has emphasized the importance of decentralized trials working in conjunction with focused clinical care, that the two can’t exist without each other.

The Happy Marriage of Health and Tech

October 18th at 2:50 pm EST

Dr. Lee will join a panel including David Holmberg, President and CEO of Highmark Health, a partner of Verily, and Caitlin Donovan, the Global Head of Uber Health. The panel will be moderated by Ryan Stewart, Managing Director of PJ Solomon, and will explore how tech can motivate institutional shifts in the healthcare industry. Dr. Lee and Holmberg will discuss the unique elements of Verily and Highmark’s partnership that rely upon technology and the positive health impacts that have been made on the lives of Highmark Health’s participants since the partnership commenced.  Verily solutions such as Verily Value Suite (VVS) provide software and platforms that help health systems and providers manage cost and quality improvement.

Join Verily at HLTH in person or virtually

Over the 4-day event, you can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with Verily to learn more about solutions. The Verily team is excited to be sharing space with other Alphabet teams, including Google, FitBit, and YouTube.

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